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Selling Clemson Area Real Estate

By Monaghan Co Real Estate
Selling Your Home With Monaghan Co.

The Monaghan Company offers a wide range of professional and detail oriented real estate services for sellers in Clemson, Seneca, Central, and Upstate, South Carolina.  Not only do our real estate agents possess an outstanding comprehension of our local real estate market and property values, but also pride themselves on connecting the right buyer with the right piece of real estate to meet their requirements.  Monaghan Company properties feature the latest in both digital and print marketing including organic search engine optimization, social media marketing, internet listing syndication, many popular print publications, video marketing, Multiple Listings Service, and much more.

Selling Your Home With Monaghan Co.

Considering selling your property? The Monaghan Company strives to achieve results through a partnership with our sellers.  Working together, you and our firm will determine the best asking price based on current market values. Our agents will suggest how to best show off key features of your home. Click the button on the right to see the 174 steps in a Real Estate transaction, and how your agent is working for you the whole way.

The Monaghan Company will assist you through all necessary paper work to get your property sold. We embrace innovative techniques to market our listings, including the latest technology. The Monaghan Company agents possess an outstanding comprehension of the real estate process, local markets and current property values. If you are ready to begin the process or have any questions, call us and “Let’s Talk Real Estate”.

Tips for Selling Your Home

1. See your home from a buyer's perspective.

In order to see your home objectively, you must detach yourself emotionally from it. Become the buyer. Look for weak points. Begin to see the house as a commodity, like a product in the grocery store. What will make your home stand out to the customer?

2. Clean, and clean again!

Once you’ve assessed your home objectively, make sure it shines inside and out. Pressure wash the outside, wipe down the windows. Vacuum, dust and scrub especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Look up and down. Dust ceiling fans and have your carpet cleaned. Bleach your grout. Make the place sparkle and smell fresh.

3. Make small repairs, they have a BIG impact

Check to see that all your light bulbs are working, no faucets leak, all doors and cabinets open and close properly. Repair any holes in the walls, even tiny ones. Consider replacing worn or dated carpet. Take a fresh look at the fixtures in your home. Would new drawer pulls in your kitchen give the look a lift? What about the lighting fixtures in your bathrooms? These are inexpensive and easy to install yourself, but can greatly improve the look of a room. Fixing all of these things lets the buyer know you have taken excellent care of your home, and gives them confidence that if the small repairs have been taken care of, so have the larger ones.

4. Lose the clutter

Potentially, this is the biggest threat to your sale, and one of the easiest fixes. Look around. Any item not vital to your everyday needs, either toss out, donate or store. Large pieces of furniture can shrink the size of a room. Remove extra leaves in your dining room table to make the space appear larger. Big, plastic children’s furniture may seem necessary, but no potential buyer, even ones who have or love children, wants to see it. Buyers are nosey, and they will look in your closets. Declutter your closets. Think of the effort as pre-packing. Use matching storage bins for items you’re keeping in the house. Leave some shelves empty, giving the appearance you’ve got plenty of storage space. Use identical hangers and hang all clothes facing the same way. Details make a difference.

5. Stage your home

Do you have bold or dark colors on your walls? You may want to consider a more neutral approach. The idea is not to eliminate any potential buyer, and funky wall colors, although you may love them, turn some buyers off. Remember, it’s not going to be your home for much longer. Go neutral on all the walls. Now is also the time to replace old or worn bedspreads and towels. A bow tied around towels in the guest room is an inexpensive yet impressive touch. Remove all photos of your family. The goal is to have the buyer picture themselves in your home. Pictures of your family can be a stumbling block to that. Take every single item off of your countertops in the kitchen and your bath. Just before your house is shown, turn strategic lights on, open all your curtains and spray a fresh scent or light fragrance candles. During the winter, turn your gas fire on. Doing all of these things makes your home feel cozy and inviting.

6. Spruce up your entryway

Your front door is the first impression your potential buyer will have of the care you’ve taken of your home. Restain, repaint, repair or replace your front door to showcase your entryway. Add lights to your doorway and walkway. Clear your walkway of any clutter or plants that may be blocking the path. Add blooming flowers (yellow flowers seem to have the most impact) to your garden. Trim overgrown plants back, and add fresh mulch to beds. Mow your grass regularly, and if you’re not going to be in the same city, contract to have your yard work done for you while you are gone.

7. Remove what isn't staying

Chandeliers, window treatments, special door pulls. Any item that is going with you to your new home, but is currently attached to the house, needs to be removed before you ever show your house. Once a buyer sees the item, it can become a bargaining tool for the buyer. Make sure you replace whatever you remove with a quality alternative.

8. Define your rooms

Buyers want to picture themselves living in your home. Having clearly defined rooms helps them to do just that. Are you using a room for more than one role? Ditch the furniture or items that muddle the room’s purpose. Stick to one function. Is it a guest room or an office? Playroom or bedroom? Be sure to make plenty of walking around space in every room so buyers can see from any angle.

9. Don't forget the extremities of your house

What does your garage say about you? Organize it and keep it clean for the best impression. If the garage windows face the street, be sure they have ample covering so that buyers won’t see in from the outside. Does your backyard say peaceful oasis? or I’m a great entertainment area? If not, try inexpensive solutions like a charcoal grill or outdoor furniture. You can then move those items to your new home and get the benefit of outdoor living.

10. The price is right

The best bet to selling your home quickly is to consult a licensed Realtor to determine the best price. Realtors know your area and what the market will bear. Many will provide comparable home sales in your area in order to determine what your home is worth. A Realtor can advise what dollar amount will bring in the most traffic, which gives you the very best chance of selling your home.

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