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Tiger Tennis Day at Keowee Key, Sponsored by Monaghan Co!

Posted by MainSt on August 23, 2016
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Tiger Tennis Day at Keowee Key is Saturday, September 3rd Salem, South Carolina –

The Tennis Program at Keowee Key announces Tiger Tennis Day on Saturday, September 3, 2016, sponsored by Monaghan Co. Real Estate. This is the day of the away Clemson vs. Auburn football game. Both men and women Clemson varsity tennis teams will be at Keowee Key. Keowee Key women tennis players will be partnered with the Clemson varsity men and Keowee Key men tennis players will be partnered with the Clemson varsity women. The teams will play a Mixed Doubles event. A final match will pair the two Keowee Key finalists with the two Clemson finalists to determine the winners. Competition begins at 4:00 p.m. and runs until 5:30 p.m. Afterwards, the Clemson men’s and women’s Varsity teams will be paired off into eight mixed doubles teams to play a quick shoot out exhibition to be enjoyed by all. The event takes place Saturday, September 3rd at the Keowee Key Fitness and Racquet Center, 1051 Stamp Creek Road in Salem, SC 29676. The public is invited. Come out in your Tiger gear and cheer for the Clemson Varsity tennis players and the Keowee Key tennis players. Clemson Men’s Team: Alex Favrot, France; Daffra Sanon, France; Igor Smelyanski, Isreal: Robert Dudley, Ireland; Christian Harris, South Carolina; Sam Edwards, Georgia; Ryan McMullan, Keowee Key; Jess Jones, Georgia; Brent Lett, South Carolina. Clemson Women’s Team: Marie-Alexandre Leduc, Canada: Ayan Broomfield, Maria Fernanda Navarro, Mexico; Constanza Gorches, Mexco; Jennifer Mionard, France; Sydney Riley, Texas; Ally Miller – Krasilnikov, Florida; Daniela Ruiz, Bolivia.

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